No India !

Needless to say, that trusting your government to take care of the country, is a thing of the past, in most nations across the world . And our country offers no exception to that fact. The bogus & corporatized brouhaha by the political despots does not add up-to the otherwise bankrupt & beggared status of our nation.
Yet all that grim reality aside, the PR 'quacks' running the Indian Government's website, seem to have come up with some preposterous visions of India and embellished it with some fortune-less language. The website is filled with the most fantastic lies and bogus claims replete with photographs and graphics painting the tackiest image of an otherwise rotten civilization.

For instance - "It has achieved all-round socio-economic progress during the last 64 years of its Independence "

Pardon me, yet an average of 400 children ( under the age of 10 ) die every day in India, due to malnutrition and related
fatal diseases. Approx. 190 Million Indians cannot afford two square meals a day.