Delhi Electronica Supply Unit


DELHI ELECTRONICA SUPPLY UNIT ! VERSION #3 IS BACK ! With renewed electronic music and a beaming bunch of cutting edge sounds, emerging from New Delhi by producers, DJs and synth-activators ! Delhi Electronica Supply Unit presents the next generation long format electronic music parties. Local is Live !  D.E.S.U hosts a series of events in 2o12 - 13 and 14 ... This year 2015 BACK AGAIN, notching it's 21st event. Electronic Music Serves To Take the Power Back ! The ever-twisted envelope of electronica inside the capital city !

REPOSE - 2008 : Delhi Electronica Supply Unit came into existence in June 08, as an attempt to propagate local electronica in the capital city, in sync with a collective surge to cull out a new clubbing experience. Administered and fostered by Brin Desai, Aparna Sethi, Shyam Ravindran, Chintan Kalra, Manu Saxena and Poonam Pandit, the D.E.S.U events were a surge amongst electronic music lovers and club friendly audiences. D.E.S.U  provided much needed exposure to upcoming electronica acts from New Delhi and around the country. Featured artists such as Teddy Boy Kill, Khirkee Gharana, Bagula Bhagat, Da Saz, Audio Pervert, Hari N Sukhmani, Bass Foundation, DJ San and Delhi Sultanate rocked the D.E.S.U parties in 2008. Totally fueled by a motley audience of two hundred odd, which pushed the events into late hours of worthy musical experience. Manu Saxena from Fender Music would organize and sustain D.E.S.U further with logistics and sound crew. 2008 and 09 saw D.E.S.U curate 15 high energy events. Cafe Morrison would become the hotspot of monthly electronica parties for many. Though very modest in terms of budget and execution, DESU remained a very niche affair compared to corporatized concerts and pub gigs of New Delhi. The events rocked to packed audiences for long hours at Cafe Morrison every month showcasing some stunning performance of Nucleya, Midival Pundits, Func International, DJ Jayant, Hashback Hashish, Shiv Na Kaun and DJ Ravana. Capitan Dubroshnev's 'tweaked' ethereal and ambient sound-streams on analog synthesizers as much contrasting to the loud and boisterous dance attack of Teddy Boy Kill. D.E.S.U marked the independent mindset and a possibility of sustained electronic music culture in New Delhi ... vital to the electronic musicians and their few hundred muse in Delhi.

D.E.S.U High Voltage Edition 2014. Holiguns Festival featuring East Stepper / Audio Pervert / Bagula Bhagat / Teddy Boy Kill. LIVE !


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