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The Indian Music Industry (IMI) is the association of the producers of sound recordings in India. It propagates and protects the rights of its members and has set up anti-piracy teams in all states of India. IMI also liaises with Government of India on all matters of interest to the music Industry and is represented on core group for amendments to the Copyright Act and also on the Copyright Enforcement advisory council formed by Government of India.
IMI started in 28th February 1936, in pre-independent India, and is now 70 years old. It is the second oldest music association in the world. IMI members includes major record companies like Saregama India Ltd. (HMV), Universal Music (India), Tips, Venus, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (India), Crescendo, Virgin Records, Magnasound, Milestone, Times Music and several other prominent national and regional label.


Anti-piracy Campaign.
We actively protect and execute policies for record labels which have continuously violated laws of income disclosure, indulged in criminal activities and regularly exploit musicians, singers and bands that belong to respective companies. We carry raids on independent and unregistered outlets of music, sue people for broadcast rights and collect benefits (money) on behalf of our members. A Mafia status which is protected by Indian Law and stands as a 'tax collector' for entertainment and music.

Promoting copyright law and its enforcement.
This role is a double sided strategy wherein we protect the record companies so they can continously monopolize the market. We also forbid people from sharing music as information. We also protect companies such as TIPS and T-Series who have long standing criminal records with regards to taxes, duties and criminal acts in relation to the 'bollywood underworld'. (A known fact that T-Series pirates it's own catalog in Gujarat, into the black market since 2001)
RAID REPORT - Ghaziabad, U.P. :- In an excellent raid 5 vendors were searched at Loni Border, Ghaziabad on 1st April 2010. 3738 MP3 CDs, 3752 pirated VCDs and 3200 pirated DVDs were seized. 5 persons were arrested and remanded to 15 days judicial custody. Value appx. 10 lakhs.

Supporting International Copyright Conventions.
We aim to caution and (threat) people from consuming, sharing, listening and broadcasting music and sounds for free. In a world of Youtube, Last FM, P2P, Torrents, Blogs etc this off course is totally redundant. An outlook obsolete, and bigoted towards making profit by not allowing people to share music outside the commercial options and outlets.

Promoting new technologies mainly for assisting right owners.
As for new technologies, we are loosing steady ground, profits and markets to the internet, Chinese piracy and increasing deluge of torrents and local Indian pirates. Assisting the right owners to sustain profits and punish & quell the independent vendors and industry. Such industrial monopoly practices have been applied and applauded in the west in the past. Yet music monopolies continue to crumble and dissolve in the face of the internet and millions of people are acquiring & using technology to source music without having to pay a middleman or organization.

IMI's Gold & Platinum Awards.
An organisation with keyposts held by Subroto Chattopadhyay (Saregama), Shridhar Subramaniam (Sony BMG Music Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.), Kumar Taurani(Tips), Mr. Ganesh Jain (Venus Records)
V.J.Lazarus (President IMI / PPL) and other 'head honchos' of record labels and music distributors, makes IMI a sole monopoly in the indian market. The policy makers and member companies ensure that the share of wealth and scope to exploit remains in hands of few and selected. IMI provides accolades and bestows favors to those who adhere to the vision within. We tend to share and exploit just a bunch of crocodiles do near a water body in the jungles.
The much hyped IMMIE Awards are again a reflection of these base sycophantic ideologies with prize winners ranging from bollywood acters, music directors, record label executives, playback singers and television celebrities.

Liaising with the Government in industry matters.
We are actively on friendly terms and conditions with the Broadcasting Ministry, Law Ministry, HRD (Human Resource Development), IT (Information Technology) along with hundreds of other establishments and organizations such as TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) DOT (Department of Telecommunications, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), British Council, Rabindra Bharati University, National Culture Fund etc. The idea is to amass as much legal, judicial and corporate support along with the necessary knowledge and manpower to continuously control and configure the music industry to benefit the few.

Aiding public awareness about copyright
With a grand total of 251 people arrested in 10,000 plus raids along with approximately 800,000 plus CDs, VCDs & DVDs acquired from raids done in Punjab, New Delhi, UP, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra., IMI has dispatched hundreds of lawsuits to various people and organisations across the country. The figures collected as fines, taxes and legal payoffs remains unpublished (and unaccounted) till 2010. The beneficiaries of these figures and money remain unpublished as well. IMI aims to bring up the value and intesity of their 'search and destroy' missions in the future.
Chairperson at IMI. Mr. Lazarus recently spoke openly - "Completing 10,000 raids is not enough and we do not want to sit on such laurels alone. We need to do a lot more."
The Indian Music Industry
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This article has been compiled and written in order to debase the lies and purported schemes of the IMI. Further to warn general public & musicians & artist about the monopolistic and criminal ethics of these corporations. They are sinking in their own rotten greed! Fuck IMI ! Long live free media, torrents, creative commons, music sharing, free downloading & Piracy !
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