This one is short ! A quick 'mind-storm' about the bombings that rock bombay city every now & then. Every two years the city is pounded and bombed by "terrorist attacks" which the intelligence, police and government can never stop or control. Add a bunch of raving hyenas dressed as the media, quibbling over the aftermath. The league of assholes who rule or claim to rule India, are clearly failing at their job. Bomb blasts, riots & such 'events' are cyclic and almost characteristic of this nation's legacy. People of this nation get slaughtered and die cheap .. is nothing new at all ! Are we are paying for the mistakes and disasterous policies of our great leaders ? Or is India a ball-less nation (unlike killer/vengeful governments like America & Israel) ? Or perhaps it does not matter anymore .. cause we live like rats. a few die, the rest get back on with life, in the same gutter, the same cesspool of a nation. Perhaps you and I are lucky not to be blown to smithereens .. or the day and place is around where a bomb is ticking next to you. Yet one thing is clear, this place is not worth dying for. Not even living for. Incredulous India !
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