Ame - Remix

Rapid Capture of Audio & Video Patterns. Max MSP Granz Graph Simulation. Live Midi Control Data Effects on Visual Patterns. Audio contains - Sampled Bootleg Live'set of Âme - Innervision.  Âme are German duo Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann. Video for #Computer #Vision / Proto AV Culture 2016.

Landscape Montage

Filmed in Zurich via Freiburg, a new video Montage for Computer Vision. 
Video edit by FWD [Famous When Dead] Music - Audio Pervert.
Lo-fi Motion capture & light simulation. 
Release date- 8th December.

computer vision - new album

New Album titled Computer Vision by Audio Pervert. Recorded & composed in Valencia, Spain. October 2016.
Computer Vision is a five song EP including a remix of Âme Innervisions. Release Date //1st December.


BombayBlack Remixes The most warped, slamming sounds beaming out of India, this 2016 end ! 




Famous When Dead

Famous When Dead. FWD - A forth-coming initiative. Independent Audio-Visual Process & Participation. Future Driven Ideas & Artist Identity. A Collective. 2017. 

Planet of Puppets

Promo 1#2# Video



Planet of Puppets.
1. Song For Neus
2. Rojo
3. Spain
4. Never Notice
5 Who am i
6. Vampires
7. Sefareta [ Remix_ ThemClones ]
All tracks written. synthesized and mixed by Audio Pervert.
Mastered by Kenny Basumatari.
Featured Voices/Soul
Toni Braxton, Stevie Wonder, Mireia Mei, Prithwish Dev,
Toymob, Dinah Washington & Holly Maezers

++ Released by V.V.A

#50Minutes by Audio Pervert

#50Minutes. Techno. Ambient. FutureSteps. Analog. Session#1. Valencia. Spain.
Ableton Live+Max MSP+Various Vocal Samples+OP1+Dark Energy+Mopho+Waldorf Blofeld+Skinnerbox FM Drummer [prepared set]

Download DiRECT - -

Planet Of Puppets.

Sample Tank!

Sample Tank contains +2800 Sounds / Hi Resolution [24/48/44] # Analog Bass. Analog Kicks. Vintage Artefacts. Modular & Abstract Tones. Orchestral Stacks. + Original EMU 1998 Catalogue.▷ Copyleft media. DataSize#700MB :ZIP_Format.  All sounds have been sampled, edited & compiled by Audio Pervert. 2015ˈɑːtɪfakt. Valencia ESP.


Disco Puppet Spring

Earlier this year, Consolidate, a junta of emerging producers put out their debut showcase from Bangalore, India. Titled FRNDS & FMLY. A hiatus broken, a medusa of tunes and aspirations poured out of the urban landscape.
Disco Puppet is one such candidate emerging from Bangalore with a new EP titled Spring. A six song splash entwined within a plethora of moods, instruments, sounds and non-genres. The press release states the artist's " irreverence towards the stylistic and procedural dictates of genres and their purists. This stems partly from ideology, but mostly from a tendency to get easily bored " Shoumik Biswas a.k.a Disco Puppet exhibits rampant desires within his music. To sing, to croon, to punch-out synthesizer riffs, to stack up naive drum patterns  and over all a tendency to quickly veer away from repeating motifs. A heavy brain-feeder, post hipster vagrancy can be traced within the tunes and choice of sounds. From Whiplash snare drums to ghost bass_lines to traffic samples to droned guitars to  mellifluous [love-lorn] voices combine in short tunes - which makes this EP a very potent listen. A retro_active melodic sense lay within the latter tunes as much as a naughty, edgy, fleeting energy in the first half of the EP.  As a singer, Disco Puppet is refreshingly naive - his voice, sung, tweaked and designed carefully, contrast the lyricism upon which the songs shift shape. Via Disco Puppet, Consolidate has put out a bright  follow up to their debut and second release this October 2016. 

Shoumik as an artist, is surely a far cry from the current rise of 'dressed_up poster boys of EDM' or even the stereotypical DJ sporting the same lame plastic controller and some version of 'traktor'. Disco Puppet, is out to question and explore, not to really adhere to charts, trends and hairstyles. Track 4, titled Experiment being our favorite tune " where you going ... why you running ... just stop ... " 

Download artwork:

Bagula Bhagat

'Bagula Bhagat' literally translated from Hindi, means 'a person that one cannot trust' [a.k.a shady] The artist Bagula Bhagat is Shyam Ravindran, 40-ish, living in New Delhi and Kerala is one the most recluse producers inside the microscopic underground electronica scene of India.  Much away from the seething smack mediocrity of EDM and gelled up jocks. Miles above the commercial noise, soaring in his solo flight of dissent, confrontation, sampling and beats. His music and sound harks at the future and raises a fist to the past. Massive archives of spoken word, speech, Bollywood dialogues, songs, colloquial and philosophic rants to the dregs of folk & rural nature is the source. Mashed within dub, desi, acid, drum&bass, dupsteb, post_dub, tribal and ambient forms. Almost veering to long drawn cinematic montages. Yet his DJ sets as much unpredictable - if you can jog to Kid606 style Breakcore madness.

This review is limited to his current musical output. The past 15 years, and his work and contribution to the electronic music culture of New Delhi is deep & yet mostly covert.

It's almost impossible to nail the underlying desire in his music, as much it's evident of the raging and upfront sensation. His music, as is the case with many forms of art, is beyond the current limits of consumption and mostly opposed to conformity - In future, one might just witness a retrospective craze for the Bagula Bhagat Sound. We feel that Bagula Bhagat is the longest running rule breaker & non confirming artist in the New Delhi scene. The term artist, understood and appreciated outside the current existing chimera of copy_cat trends & frail elitism. 

Singles. 2010-2016


Patterns & Moodswings. Circa winter 2003 in New Delhi, Envision began writing an album charged with multiple genre fascinations. The band struck a bond with SamratB as a producer and sound designer. Composed and recorded over 4 months, SamratB introduced synthetic and electronic colors within the existing acoustic and bluesy trappings of Envision's music.  Mid-2004, the album was released independently on CD & Casette - it faired low, with little notice. The band gradually dissipated by 2006. Over time, the album  found a deep resonant note with many forthcoming indie bands and producers. As a reference to the chance & change, artists refer to the album as eclectic, dark yet beautiful. Re_issued 2015 by ex_Bassist Dara Rawat now living in Ireland. Patterns & Moodswings.

Bombay Black Hole

  • BIG $EXY
  • UWent4Gold [Bg$xy Rmx]

Black Concerts 2016.
#Bombay-11th Feb
#Bangalore-17th Feb.
#Pune - 28th March.
#Bangalore - 3rd April.
#New Delhi - 23rd May.
#New Delhi - 5th June.
#Bangalore - 11th August.

Bombay Black 2016. The original collective is back with a brand new album! Hiatus broken, the cult 'BLACK' sound and Bombay collective returns with a new album, videos, art, a remix album and a hyper-genre tour. Bombay Black presents Snow White & The Seven Bungalows.

Remix Black

Bombay Black Remix Album! A massive response from emerging producers & bands to the Bombay Black Sound. The remixes send out a blazing run of Drum&Bass, Electro, Abstract, Glitch and Synthetic.

Featuring  Shantam, Fuzz Culture, Sameeruddin, Toymob, Spycam, Ravana, Jack-in-the-Box, POL, Frame/Frame and Audio Pervert.

Releasing # November 2016 

$tate Of EDM

Electronic Dance Music - call it a global [post-hip hop] phenomena or a dumb-down replica of an once potent youth culture. Today, EDM may as well be termed as a treadmill sport of Ego-centric Dunce Muzak. The evidence is at large and screaming - DJ and EDM superhero Tiesto takes pride in his newly christened sir-name, as 'Wynn' - inspired from the patronage of the Wynn Las Vegas Luxury Hotel (starting $300 a night, Encore Tower Suites). As the nobility of Swedish EDM, Axwell and Ingrosso claim that their industrial barrage of tracks are "not some evil plan ... and it all comes out of practically nothing". "It's a brand .. kind of what I wanted to do and become" says (with beaming confidence) online megalomaniac, self-acclaimed scion of EDM, Joel Zimmerman - the Deadmau5. At the top of this game lay tonnes of avarice, narcissism and dire mediocrity; Covered up by expensive car rides with ex-metal heads or ranting online about how great the rat_face producer is. Hype is the zeitgeist of EDM. As Hardwell rambles on and on about the tremendous pressure "to be No.1 and not slide to No.6" - just as a boxing ring phenomenon, to be replaced by the next upcoming 4-minute chart busting replica. Belgian superstar brothers, Like Mike & Dimitri assert that their music has the power to "sell out, 60,000 tickets in a matter of hours" [#fact - that the greek brothers are completely sponsored 'sausages' of Tomorrowland Festival] ... "I can draw notes. it's simple, it's like drawing"- Erstwhile World No.1 French DJ (faker on stage & lair) David Guetta exposes himself on TV, when asked about his method of composition. A coked-up clown or a  producer who spends hours harping about his patent kickdrum ? Fact is, the biggest names in the business (of EDM) produce the most hideous and predictable tunes. The uninspiring effect of this music is mostly overcome by immense hype, atrociously loud [clipping] audio and enormous flash & packaging. The daily routine of copy_pasted propaganda, discounts, celebrity gossip and tardy photos of DJs ape-leaping on the stage can be seen across a hundred twitter and face-book accounts. This litany of trash, has notched up as a viral global standard - where in massive mediocrity rules the roost.

The dissemination of electronic music worldwide, tells a sordid story of simplification, industrialization and an almost silent catastrophe - of the spirit of electronic music. The quantized butchery of creativity, mutation and chance, at the alter of pop music and it's godfather - the entertainment busines$ - Candy voices, insipid guitar riffs and 'kindergarden' piano motifs would begin to replace the complex yet potent and ever-changing undercurrents of electronic music. Previously known as Intelligent Dance Music [IDM] for reasons elite, circa 2007, as mass american youth eventually swallowed the sound of electronic music as a viable genre - it was revamped as EDM. Europe’s existing exotic expertise of electronic music would be hacked into and eventually caste aside, to make way for big time business models (hegemony) and crass pop idolatry. Is it the eventual outcome of almost all sub-cultures, once tamed, consumed and forsaken to corporate plunder? At the patronage of global brands, massive events and gigantic festivals -all bent to turn electronic music culture into a gladiator sports of sorts. From Goa to Miami, from Benidorm to Shanghai, from Barcelona to Berlin to Buenos Aires, the image of electronic music is fast becoming singular and almost totalitarian. 

Massive visual spectacles, pyro-works, dancers, robots, lasers and the noise of propaganda would allow very little space (or volume) for the actual music or the propagators of the culture within. Who is left listening inside this blitzkrieg of 4 minute rise & fall hits ?! The aesthetics and ethos of a wild & independent spirit within electronic music would be mooched off, in favor of a mostly tacit, yet totally predictable, disney-land like spectacle. Out of the playing-fields, raves, clubs, juntas, regional labels and collectives and into the football stadiums, EDM would regress to a simian status - somewhat similar to the meteoric heraldry & capitalization of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Grunge music (circa late 1980's - 90's). Endless automated routines by coked up DJs in-sync with grand production effects ensure the continuos roll of jingles, for the bosses to rake in millions as tickets sales, via VIP arenas, merchandise, joyrides, exclusives and the pre and after parties. $hit Sells & Your Paying ?!

Industry experts and major festival demographics predict (and expect) the EDM cow (market) to be worth approx. 250 Million USD, by 2017. Has electronic music been cuffed into a trap of repetition, simplification and eventual stagnation in most parts of the world? Is Popular EDM a soul-less format at best? Or is EDM the most obvious predicament of a technological revolution- now mired in PLUR, Bass, Bro_step, Fashionistas and Doll DJs. Forget not the tirade of online celebrity worship on Instagram, 
Twitter, Facebook etc etc. Have we reached a near hopeless & dead [mouse] end of artistry and innovation? Is there no more 'head-room' left in the spectrum ? What do we and the forth-coming generation of producers, DJs, labels, sound enthusiasts and dance music aficionados hope to aspire, to find and to achieve, outside the massive dross and demagoguery of star DJs. There must be a headway, already! Where and How is the need of the day.

Where is the music for the (next) jilted generation ?

Jessop & Co.

Chaos, dissonance, in-harmonics, unpredictability, latent brutality and an overall sense of non-conformity is what makes Jessop & Co. (from Kolkata) a complete anomaly in the scene.  A scene otherwise dotted with 'instantly gratifying mocktronica' or the occasional starlets christened by RBMA. Jessop's sound shoots an arrow of defiance inside the current hiatus of electronic music in India. Brimming with zest yet hollering up the vast universe of noise and experimental, psychological sound dimensions. Exit 4/4 slavery, Enter Planet Unstable Frequency.

The band is Anupal Adhikari and Subho Sen Sharma . The visual paradigm of 
Sabyasachi Chowdhury creates the trio of Shunya or 0000 - Culled upfront as 'Bengali-to-the-core', yet totally anarchistic and liberal in their ideas of  sound, music and synthesis. In a blindfold test scenario, it would be impossible to imagine a sound, this stark & yet so meditative emerging from the backwaters of urban Kolkata. Is Jessop the 'sonder' of a very slow decaying place ? The method to their expression is chaotic itself, as Jessop compose and perform off several analog and digital processes. A tandem chain of noise machines and samplers on Max MSP and Ableton Live. Often a macabre sight of t00 many cables. "The laptop will just heat up, way too much... I want some real analog gear now" Say Subho, as the initial debauchery inside the digital realm reaches an over-load of sorts.  A series of stark monochromatic reactions of sound is forged upon old television sets, lights and projections.  Their sound is definitely veering towards a twisted cinematic thought stream. Their beats and bass-lines are mostly invisible and incognito. Multiple layers of subliminal ambience is applied and negated in the due course of each song. Yet these compositions are not songs, not for you, not for your granny or the local dj. Noise is omnipotent facet of Jessop & Co. Everyone has a story, Jessop is a journey into the nether world of sound dystopia. Political nature of music and sound is seldom traversed in India, exceptions become even more important in an otherwise no-brain free market world.

"Aspiring lobbyists for the unstable and the incoherent, or the willingly intoxicated."

The WildCity review -


0000 - in chemicals. in audio visual.

Nikhil Narendra

Nikhil Narendra, in his late 20's is a quiet and almost demure persona. A very unique producer and musician who has remained in the shadows of the technologized landscape of Bangalore. Away from the seething roaring trends and the raise-thy-hands discotheques, His newest release is aptly titled as - MA-SHIT ! A massive collage of post hip-hop desires. A cascading flow of leftover samples and arte-facts clubbed together with lo-fi drums and several chirpy and evolving ambient passages. This is true late-night smokers delight.  Or this is audio-juice for children ala creche. Dark & Happy ! The vagrant yet delicate mangling of samples reminds us of Dimlit and Robert Henke, as they could co-exist inside Nikhil's aspirations. Nikhil's evolving production skills aside, the most exciting aspect of this sound is that, he is able to borrow, skip, cut, steal, contextualize and improvise in his unique way. As many hats or as a true brainfeeder ! Check out his deep ambient set with Shreyas Dipali - Monohive Sessions @ BFLAT Bar, Bangalore.