Synth Farm 3

One of it's kind synthesizer workshop and electronic music summit, Synth-Farm, completed it's 3rd edition this March 2017, in Kolkata. The three day workshop, lecture and live sessions were held in the serene tropical surroundings within a spacious farm house in Dottopukur (6 kms outside urban Kolkata). Curated by Varun Desai (Little-i), the event saw a milieu of producers, DJs, musicians and electronic music geeks gather from allover the country. "I see this growing every year in an organic way, which nurtures the participants in more ways than we can imagine" states Varun Desai, who along with his spouse Zareen Desai and a handful of co-workers have build a very unique and D.I.Y event and residency from ground up since last year.

The three day workshop and curriculum included : 
[day one] Audio, Midi and Ableton basics by Audio Pervert

[day two] Modular synthesis and intelligent sound by Lionel Dentan and Varun Desai along with Audio Units [Bangalore] presenting basic Reaktor and Modular Emulations -

[day three] Extensive live synthesis lessons and improvised performance sessions between faculty members and artists

Topics ranging from the future of electronic music to existing and emerging synthesis to intelligent programming formed the various points of engagement between the artists and faculty. An array of synthesizers (analog, modular & digital) plus effect processors and software was wired together as steps to demystify and deconstruct complex synthesis as well basics of electronic sound design. "The outcome of such independent summits should create a ripple effect amongst the visiting artist and faculty. We would like to see more people get interested in creating and collaborating with us" claims Audio Pervert at the end of the 3rd day. "I could not imagine the level of talent and ideas amongst the visiting students. They wanted to know so much about Modular sound and music" says Lionel Dentan who has been an avid Modular artist shuttling between Switzerland and New Delhi.

Photos by Sayan Datta.

The extensive sound sessions and recorded archives of Synth-Farm will be shortly available as music, a short film and various sound-banks later this year. The release compilation tentatively titled as Synth-Birds. Currently being edited and curated by Varun Desai and Audio Pervert.

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