Sino-Indian Music Alliance (S.I.M.A)  presents Oscillate / Module 1:

Module 1 is the first ever electronic music connection and compilation between India and China. The Beijing and New Delhi underground electronic music scenes collide for the first time. Its sounds oscillate between dark, minimal beatscapes (Dead J, Beijing), digital rhythmic splices (FAR/∞, Beijing), deranged club-prophet spoken-word segues (Toymob, New Delhi), subtly sinister dancefloor sirens (Audio Pervert, New Delhi), and lush electro-acoustic space-ways (Hashback Hashish, New Delhi; iimmune, Beijing).

Module 1 is a crucial landmark for SIMA, a unique document of sub-cultural interaction and exchange of electronic music between India and China. SIMA was created by Samrat B & Josh Feola as an attempt to connect emerging electronic music of the countries. Previously due to social, linguistic & political hegemony, there has been little or no connection between the youth culture and artists from India and China.

S.I.M.A What is ? Who is ? The Sino Indian Music Alliance is setting the most unique connections between electronic music artists in India and China. Focussing on increased movement of innovative artists, producers, promoters, and productions in both directions for 2015. Involved agencies such as Sinotronics, Wildcity.com, Dong Dong Festival and Reproduce Artists will be creating ventures to re-vitalize and explore the music markets of India and China.

Produced by Audio Pervert & Sinotronics: http://sinotronics.org/
Visual Design: Markus M Schneider
Mastered by Raphaël Valensi
DOWNLOAD : PressRelease+

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