Hard Boiled Wonderland

Emerging artist and electronic music producer, Frame/Frame ( Nikhil Kaul ) has been making waves in the Indian electronica scene for just under three years. Frame/Frame's sound is a contrasting amalgamation of downtempo vibes, glitchy beats, wide bass-lines and ambient melodic stints riding along his penchant effected voice and lyrics. The new mini-EP titled Hard Boiled Wonderland is a reflection of Nikhil's synth-heavy pop tendencies, yet keeping the sound and production rather personal (dark) and minutely crafted. It's amazing how Frame/Frame has gradually managed to cull his sound out of a bedroom studio with minimal equipment and resources. Imaginative !
The first song on the EP features a collaborative cameo with MadBoy (Imaad Shah) of MadBoy Mink fame, on guitar and voice. The second song titled End Of The World harks at a dystopia of sorts, a system failure and the inevitable end. The mini-EP surely leaves the listener wanting for more Frame/Frame in the future ...


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