Peak by Ankit

Ankit Gandhi Lall is a producer and studio engineer based out of Kolkata. Secluded and exclusive in his musical journey, mostly veiled behind his own studio and its secretive sound machines, Ankit has trekked and 'tracked' many regions of the electronic music canvas. His newest release ( after months of anticipation and loiter ) titled Peak, is almost a summit of sorts. A mountain of sounds, moods and reflections upon electronic music history. As a personality, who is  far removed from the screaming fan-mass and the hyper-eulogized status of the EDM jock-of-day, Ankit's musical apex is almost here !

The album draws the listener into a chasm of controlled sequences, ambience drops and evolving soundscapes. The sound is surely imaginative yet governed at the same time.
The Seraphine intro is dreamlike,  true to Ankit's synthesizer artistry : awash with glowing 'retrosonic' wavetables and gritty beats rising along minuscule tones, which matter as much as big kicks and deep bass-lines do. Round Robbin is an old favorite of mine, a song that always causes anxiety and a burst of energy on the dance-floor, just when you are wondering what to play next ! Half Stepping Into Space, is a roller-coaster ride showered with polyphonic chord tranquility. Setting off into the nether-worlds of breakbeat, retro melodies and psychedelia .. Oh wait, there is a indian melody whining-up the synthesizer, betwixt inside all that audio .. this is surely the finest tune on the album. The last tune on Peak, titled Remote Viewing is a curious case of hypnotic dubby motifs riding over rock-guitar licks and a bobbing, lurking jungle drummer keeping it steady through the song. 

The album is brilliant in parts, as tranquil, as rash in passages, and for many audible reasons a 'Peak' of sorts. One can expect a total cliffhanger from Ankit Gandhi, post this tremendous production ? Peak is luminous sound ! We want it live !!

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