Jatin Puri a.k.a Pippin returns to New Delhi with a brand new album of eight tunes, titled 1 0 1 0.  Eight songs on the album traverse into myriad electronic landscapes. Pippin as a producer has clear ideas about his sound-design and choice of synthesizers. On close listen, each song is lavish in polyphony and hints at a retroactive imagination. Songs like 'Fractional' and 'Everyday' sound instantly alluring as a certain tense harmony forms alongside head bobbing beats and deep droning bass-lines. Pippin is definitely dark in nature as much mature in the way cross genres are mashed and eventually decimated.  
And it's all minor in there ! 'Fearless' (4th song) instantly recalls Depeche Mode memories - yet Jatin Puri has not sung or even thrown a hint of vocals on this album. An acid-jazz hangover that is audible on some songs dwelling under the big clean beats and wobbly bass end of the day. Does a certain creepy fervor beckons the listener all through the album, as  the unsung voice of the producer ? Our favorite tune here at Audio'Station is Celestial.  Classic arpeggios in harmony flowing over rubber bass-lines, layered under lush electric piano clusters. Fly us back to Venus !

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