Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma

Pyschorigid a.k.a Moufia Ba$$ from Reunion Island hits India ! via and I.O.M.M.A (indian ocean music market) in collaboration with Audio Pervert and Hashback Hashish.

This peculiar tie-up between India and ReUnion Island happened between three techno music heads, collaborating over online responses and facilitated via the active hand of Indiearth Xchange Festival, Sakifo and I.O.M.M.A. The project has resulted in 3 tunes and a 3 city tour in India.

Psychorigid, an experienced, yet elusive electronic music producer and sound searcher emerging from the tiny spectacle of Reunion Island tides over to India, mixing up a bounty of original techno, electro, moombahton, self styled moufie-ville and even traces of trap. Hashback Hashish and Audio Pervert, from New Delhi present two contrasting versions of the original melody, consolidating the core idea behind the project. 3 artists pursued the concept of electronic music as a medium, to connect across distances and genres. Creating bridges between the two countries and crafting an unique collaboration with future possibilities.

A live showcase at the Xchange Festival in Chennai and two exclusive club gigs in Mumbai ( Club DèBel) and New Delhi (Barsoom ). The three singles will be released as an EP in february 2014 titled : Tomato Garlic Onion Curcuma Project.

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