They call it PLUR

America butchered electronic dance music (EDM). In ways, more visible than a while ago. The capitalization and industrial roll-down of EDM in the new millennium, at the hands of the corporates, the stars, event leaders, the bloggers, new producers, DJ's and the 'social eye-candy' rising out of America has heralded the Decapitation of EDM ! Almost erie, as an unfulfilled requiem beaming from the erstwhile automobile wastelands of Detroit and Chicago. Most American fans, followers and worshipers of EDM are pre-apocalyptic and running from a collapsing economy, add the globalization and overkill of hip-hop. Mislead by the larger-than-life promises of automation ! They believe in PLUR - " Peace Love Unity Respect "  It reads almost as an Erasmus Community motto, as it reflects the abject lack of taste and admiration for the actual music, which was seldom based on Peace - The Love, that was bolstered by galactic amounts of psychotropics and amphetamines - Unity, which was held only with progressive vision and challenging sounds - Respect, which was felt out of fierce independence, and not n-thousand face-book likes ...

 One of America's most buzzing EDM magazines published this article - 

Hailing star jocks like Avicii is one thing, yet the article gets profoundly banal and almost callow, as an attempt to define the current status of EDM and its leading exponents ! The writer skips the most inherent characteristic of EDM .. Sound !  Do we rephrase this junta as Exponential Dunce Muzak ?

Further hilarious is the response of the boy wonder,  sound whiz, Avicii - " even though I could beat mix in my sleep doesn't allude any kind of respect which I find deeply insulting ... " Obviously he is as ' pre-programmed and hands-in-the-air ' as David Guetta or the next Electric Daisy Champion ! "

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