The American & Israeli governments attempted to strike Iran's nuclear facilities in 2009. Via the Internet. A virus / worm [ programme file ] called Stuxnet was developed by several prized hackers and internet programmers and further cited publicly by Gabi Hashkenazi ( Israeli Defense Chief ). Stuxnet initially spread from Microsoft Windows, targeting Siemens industrial software and equipment, searching for the 'right' client ( Iran's nuclear facilities and the system servers within ) : eventually further cascading into more than 65% of PCs throughout Iran, via pendrives and numerous internet protocols. The creators of Stuxnet wanted to jeopardize and or collapse Iran's nuclear facilities and wanted to remain incognito. Yet, the projected impact of this Malware and its timing were a failure. Exposed prematurely, this newest cyber weapon of mass destruction became a worldwide scandal of sorts. Various groups of intelligence and programming experts along with journalists across the world, were quick to assail and assemble Stuxnet back : deconstructing the source-code along with the key components which eventually spilled into public access and understanding. June 2012, an article in The New York Times revealed that Stuxnet is part of a U.S. and Israeli intelligence operation called "Operation Olympic Games", initiated by George W. Bush and expanded under Barack Obama. Early 2013, Stuxnet is rumored to have successfully targeted and terminated a series of power plants in the Hormozgan province of southern Iran.

DOWNLOAD STUXNET SOURCE CODE // READ HISTORY * SCOPE OF STUXNET : Ivanka Barzashka reveals the flipside and failure of cyber warfare and proto-demons of the binary age ! 

The Stuxnet computer worm was first detected in June 2010 by Belarusian company VirusBlockAda.7

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