Dignity of the individual ?

It's clear, and a thousand times over, that the government of India, the judiciary and police, are systems of gross and shameful failure. Responsible for a complete downfall and abortion of all human and constitutional rights entitled to the citizens of India. A continuos and daily run of ruthless atrocities committed on the poor, the children, the women and the mountains of marginalized masses. 
Deluded and manipulated further by the vultures in the media, who manufacture consent and concern for profit (TRP Ratings). A rotten patriarchal society, which feeds of its children and rapes and plunders its women. India is a giant dripping example of suffering and anguish. Ugly and awful as it is, the struggle of the millions of muted denizens of this mass misfortune, is plain remarkable and astonishing. Who are we serving, and where are we headed ?

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