worlds first open source, hackable, monophonic synthesizer

Meeblip is the worlds first open source, hackable monophonic synthesizer. Meeblip is an hybrid of digital waveforms and analog filters. The synthesizer, like most modern monophonic analog synthesizers is equipped with MIDI and CC functions, which makes it ideal for studio as well as live performance. Since the hardware and schematics of the Meeblip are totally open source, many developers and hackers around the world, have used this device to create mutations and hybrid synthesizers. Meeblip's creators are  believers in Open-Source hardware, attracting hundreds of DIY synthesizers enthusiasts. Modify anything, buy new components to add to the Meeblip : or build complete kits and sell your own builds. One of the most adventurous projects to  create and share synthesizers in the open source world . (Find out more about open source hardware and the MeeBlip)

Meeblip is designed by James Grahame, synthesist, aficionado of things both digital and retro, and engineer at Reflex Audio, in collaboration with Peter Kirn and Create Digital Music. 

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