For his new documentary , Vivan las Antipodas - the director, Victor Kossakovsky takes us on a surreal trip of the earth :  to the world’s inhabited spots, situated exactly opposite (polar) each other . With super contrasting and  peculiar choice of opposites. The approach to defining the polar dimensions, -  Kossakovsky approaches the philosophically appealing and politically staggering subject of the antipodes.
Filming will take place in four of those pairs of locations on Earth : Argentina – China, Chile – Russia, Hawaii – Botswana, New Zealand – Spain.  Daytimes as well as seasons at these places are also absolutely opposed.  So, when one of the antipodes sees the sunrise, the other admires the sunset, one enjoys summer, the other freezes in winter.
In these locations, we might accompany a lonely fisherman in an Argentinean village and a lonely woman, who is a fish seller on a noisy street in Shanghai. Or a Chilean lighthouse keeper on Cape Horn and on the other side a Russian deck officer aboard ship on Lake Baikal. Their stories will be antithetic and then again similar at the very same time. Whatever Kossakovsky might encounter, he will turn the moment into his typical cinematic poetry.  In Kossakovsky’s words: “ Vivan las Antipodas! is a poem of a multipolar world.”

Via : Deckert Distribution GmbH

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