Ooga Booga (One Million Years BC)

This film is an ode to my friend Ooga Booga - Imaginary off-course, he was just a manifestation of my mind to counter the idea that the primitive one was not always black or brown in color to start with.  Otherwise to depict primitive pre historic homo sapien presence ; In countless hollywood movies, in myriad ways in european litreature and art and off course all our educational background as well. So anyways as for Ooga Booga - The true and original white primate !

One Million Years B.C. (1966) (www.imdb.com/title/tt0060782/) is a pre-historic tale of a primitive white neolithic tribe, and definitely futuristic in an erie way. The world we live in today, is similar. For the countless impoverished people, instead of having to fight dinosaurs and indulge in 'mortal combat' - coupled with wild blonde belles who desire to tame down barbaric men in wolveskin ... Normal Movie Goers - Move On !  Feminists Beware ! Cult B Grade Movie Buffs - Gather & Diggers - Re-joice.  Here is to a Ooga Booga in 2012 !

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